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    Employee Email Phone Extension
    ALLEN, MARY mallen@yobco.com 231
    BAUMGARTNER, DAVID L. dbaumgartner@yobco.com 229
    BENTON, AMY abenton@yobco.com 253
    BERKHIMER, JAMES R. jberkhimer@yobco.com 252
    BRADLEY, DANIEL W. dbradley@yobco.com 247
    ELDER, KELLY kelder@yobco.com 262
    ELDER, WESLEY M. welder@yobco.com 228
    GOTTSHALL, ANDREW agottshall@yobco.com 226
    HEIDLER, TINA A. theidler@yobco.com 223
    JOHNSON, JAMIE L. jjohnson@yobco.com 237
    KAUFFMAN, LAURIE L. lkauffman@yobco.com 258
    LUTHER, IAN iluther@yobco.com 263
    MAIER, MICHAEL J. mmaier@yobco.com 224
    MCCONNELL, SHARON M. smcconnell@yobco.com 234
    MCCONNELL, THERESA A. tmcconnell@yobco.com 242
    MILLER, BENJAMIN A. bmiller@yobco.com 257
    MILLER, STEPHANIE smiller@yobco.com 222
    NORTON, KEVIN S. knorton@yobco.com 239
    ORR, THOMAS W. torr@yobco.com 243
    SCOTT, DAVID M. dscott@yobco.com 235
    SHIROCK, CHRISTOPHER T. cshirock@yobco.com 261
    SMITH, GREGORY gsmith@yobco.com 232
    SNYDER, EMMA esnyder@yobco.com 259
    TYLER, JULIE K. jtyler@yobco.com 254